Customer Statuses

activeThe Customer has been created on the Newline platform. The Master Synthetic Account for this Customer has been opened per your Program configuration.
archivedThe Customer is archived; no actions are available for this Customer. All archived accounts have a $0.00 balance.
initiatedNewline has created the Customer as a result of a post to the Compliance Workflows endpoint. This status will persist until Newline receives a request to onboard the Customer onto a product. The Customer status will move to 'queued' after a successful request to perform Identity Verification.
manual_reviewThe Customer record is under review. A Manual Review status indicates a kyc_status that is not 'approved' or 'denied'. The status will move from 'manual_review' to either 'identity_verified' or 'rejected' depending on the outcome of the review. See the KYC_Status values for additional states pertaining to Manual Review.
pending_archivalA request has been received to archive the Customer, but the Customer's accounts still carries a non-$0 balance or has pending transactions. The account is locked while transactions settle and funds are returned. Archival will complete after the account is at a $0 balance with no pending transactions. This status can last up to 8 business days.
queuedNewline has determined that the required Customer PII has been provided and the Compliance Workflow is complete. The Customer record has been sent for KYC/AML verification. If the KYC/AML verification returns 'approved' the Customer status will move to 'identity_verified'. If the KYC/AML verification returns 'denied' the Customer status will move to 'rejected'. If the KYC/AML verification status returns 'manual_review' the Customer status will move to 'manual_review'.
rejectedThe Customer is not eligible for an account on this Program.
under_reviewThe Customer's account balances are under review. Newline will not accept Transfer requests for this Customer until their status returns to 'active'. The Customer's debit card is automatically locked and can only be unlocked manually by an Admin user after the account is removed from 'under_review'. Any attempts to initiate an ACH transfer from a Customer’s Synthetic Account to an External Account will be blocked. Any attempts to transfer funds between Synthetic Accounts will also be blocked. The Customer status must be 'active' before entering a status of 'under_review'. Newline will not return an 'under_review' status during any portion of creating a Customer or a Compliance Workflow.