Transfer Statuses

queuedTransfers begin in the queued status. queued indicates that Newline has received a valid Transfer request and is preparing the Transfer.
pendingTransfers move from a status of queued to a status of pending. A pending status indicates that Newline has begun the movement of funds to complete the Transfer.
canceledTransfers must be canceled by the originating Customer (or Authorized Representative). Transfers can only enter the canceled state if Newline receives a request while the aforementioned Transfer is in queued or pending states. A pending state cancellation is not guaranteed as this state also includes payment execution. At that stage, a cancel request will result in an error.
failedThe Transfer has failed. This may occur due to a system error, or problems with the origin and/or destination account. A new Transfer must be created to move the assets.
settledThe Transfer is complete and the funds have settled in the destination Synthetic account.