Onboard Customer onto a Product

Submit a request to onboard a Customer onto a new product. Ensure all required Customer details have been provided with Adjust Customer Data before making this request. An error will be returned if details are missing or invalid.

The request to onboard a Customer serves as explicit confirmation from you that the Customer is ready for account opening. This event initiates the KYC/AML verification process and account opening in your Program. This is a billable event and is isolated intentionally for you to confirm that the Customer record is complete. Customer Onboarding is the event that locks the customer PII and profile responses from further edits.

Customer Onboarding is designed to work as follows:

  • The Customer provides complete PII as defined by the Customers endpoint
  • The Customer provides complete Customer Profile information as defined by the Product endpoint
  • You submit a request to Customer Products with the specified Product this Customer is onboarding onto.
  • Newline performs a validation on the PII provided and the Customer Profile data to confirm all are valid.

If the Customer passes these validations and meets the duration requirements described below, the Customer record is submitted to the KYC process.