Sandbox Walkthrough


Welcome to the Newline Sandbox! Here we’ll show you how to build against the Newline API using the main features and admin tooling available in the Newline Sandbox.

Please note, the Newline Sandbox does not contain all of the features available in our Production environment. For clients interested in immediate access with a limited number of accounts, please reach out to your Relationship team.


While the Sandbox will afford Client's opportunities to test key payments scenarios, the following features will be excluded and handled by our engineering teams

  • Creation of Customers - any customer staged are business customers, with only name and address populated.
  • Creation of general Synthetic Accounts - Any general Synthetic Accounts staged are master accounts with 1:1 relationships established to a Custodial Account; in addition, this Custodial Account represents a Commercial DDA. The staged Synthetic Accounts will have varying balances.

Production Environment Differences

The Newline Sandbox endpoints enable clients to stage outcomes and interactions that are not available in production. The table below outlines some of the key differences between the sandbox and production environments.

API availability

Synthetic AccountsWhen creating a Synthetic Account of type ach_external, wire_external, instant_payments_external, no authentication is performed. The external account information provided will not initiate a connection to a financial institution.When creating a Synthetic Account of type ach_external, wire_external, instant_payments_external, a valid account and routing number is required. The external account connection will be used to transfer funds to/from a financial institution.
Virtual Reference Numbers (VRNs)VRNs can be created off of any of the staged, general Synthetic Accounts.No change in Production, as you'll be able to create VRNs for any general Synthetic Account created on your behalf during Program setup.
TransfersTransfers to and from external accounts will be simulated. No real money movement will occur.Transfer limits (frequency and volume) may exist based on the rules of your Program (e.g., 20 daily external transfers, a total daily $10,000 transfer limit). This will be discussed during Program onboarding.
Mock TransactionsTransaction auto-generation exists to validate how externally originated transactions render on your application. These can be auto-generated using a Sandbox specific endpoint.Unavailable in production.

CSV Reporting availability

Newline's file-based reporting channel can be configured in Sandbox, if requested to your Newline Specialist during implementation.

What’s Next

If you feel comfortable with the onboarding information and Sandbox overview, please proceed to the API Authentication page to learn about access.