Instant Payments


Instant Payments refer to the payments that can be transferred and posted 24/7 to or from a customer’s account. The credits originated by a sender clear in "near real time" through a centralized network.

Currently, Newline's Instant Payments offering utilizes The Clearing House (TCH) network, commonly referred to as the Real Time Payment (RTP) network.

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Counterparty Requirements

Before kicking off a new Instant Payment, Customers will need to supply counterparty information so the payment is accepted by the network. Please see the below table for the fields required.

counterparty_addressThe address associated with your designated counterparty. This will include fields for street address, city, state, zip-code, and country.Required
counterparty_nameThis is the name of the counterparty (consumer or business entity).Required
account_numberThe account number of the counterparty in question. This will be the account credited by the outbound Instant Payment originated.Required
routing_numberThe routing number of the bank (or financial institution) at which the counterparty's account is maintained.Required

Receiving Bank Eligibility

Instant Payments is currently supported by 322 participating banks and financial institutions. Newline will validate bank or financial institution eligibility prior to creating a counterparty and before executing any Customer payment. We advise Customers to confirm whether their selected counterparty can receive an Instant Payment.

To review the list of participating financial institutions, please review the following website: TCH RTP Network Participating Financial Institutions.


There are certain constraints any Customer should be aware of before choosing Instant Payments in order to mitigate downstream errors or payment failures.

Account Funding

Sufficient available funds must be present in your source Synthetic Account when you submit an Instant Payments credit transfer. Newline will debit the funds from your account during the credit origination process. If sufficient available funds are not present, the credit transfer will be rejected.

NoteIf you are using a non-instant payment to fund your disbursement account, such as a Wire or ACH, please remember that these will not process after cutoff times, on weekends or on bank holidays. Please ensure you have appropriate funding in your account to cover these time periods when credit of funds via these methods is not possible.

Reject Codes and Descriptions

An Instant Payment may be rejected by the both Newline and RTP network for a number of reasons. In the event of a rejection, the Instant Payment will fail. Newline will return ERR codes (see API Errors for the codes and descriptions). If you need further assistance resolving an error, please reach out to your Newline Specialist or Relationship team for more information.

Operating Rules

Originators or their financial institutions are required to comply with all Newline and RTP® Network Operating Rules and Guidelines outlined in the Terms & Conditions and the Clearing House Real-Time Payments Operating Rules at the following website: TCH RTP Operating Rules.


What are the benefits of using Instant Payments?

  • Instant Payments provide the ability to conveniently send and receive immediate funds transfers directly from accounts at financial institutions. With instant settlement of funds, Instant Payments improve liquidity, planning and reduces the delays due to back office efforts associated with other payment types.

What are the transaction parameters?

  • Maximum payment amount is $1MM, however you may limit your maximum payment value through the implementation process to manage your risk.
  • Credit-push only.
  • Funds are available immediately and are irrevocable.
  • Domestic only transactions.
  • 140 alphanumeric characters can be included with each payment.

What does irrevocable mean?

  • Once transmitted, payment instructions are final and may not be changed, revoked or stopped by Customer.

When can you send or receive an Instant Payment?

  • Instant Payments can be sent or received every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

How do I find out more about a rejected payment?

  • Please refer to our API Errors guide for the codes and descriptions, but please reach out to your Newline Specialist or Relationship team for more information or if you have additional questions.

Can we request an Instant Payments transaction to be sent back if there was a mistake?

  • The RTP network does support what is known as a Request for Return of Funds. Clients may request that Newline initiate a Request for Return of Funds related to an Instant Payment for any reason including for an unauthorized, erroneous or fraudulent payment by reaching out to your Newline Specialist and allowing the Newline team time to initiate the Request for Return of Funds on the Client’s behalf. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for additional information and specific details.

Note Please note that Request for Return of Funds (RfRFs) are never guaranteed. When and if a RfRF is submitted and returned, your account will be credited accordingly.