Postman Collection

How to set up Postman, add our Newline collection, and use it to test Newline platform APIs.

Installing Postman

Postman is available on a variety of platforms. Visit Postman to see if your platform is supported.

To install Postman:

  1. Go to Postman downloads.

  1. Download the required version.
  2. After your download is complete, run the downloaded file to install Postman.

Import the Newline Collection

To import our collection, click on the following ▶ Newline Collection button, and you will be redirected to our Newline Postman workspace, where you can download our collection.

For further information, see the Postman documentation on importing data.

Configure Your Postman Environment

  1. Create a Sandbox Environment.
  2. Set Sandbox variables.
  3. Save the environment.
  4. Ensure the new environment is selected.

Set API Keys
You will need to set your HMAC Key and Program UID as environment variables. You can set the variables in the headers in the environment tab within the Postman Collection