Transactions and Transfers

Transactions and Transfers are a major part of the our platform and they have a prominent place in Newline's Sandbox "out-of-the-box" functionality. Our Sandbox involves two key, related functions: (1) being able to mock transactions and (2) enact test transfers.

NoteTransfers are a type of transaction. Every time a Transfer is created, a subsequent Transaction record is also instantiated.

Mock Transactions

In order to mock transactions, you'll need to utilize the simulate a Transaction endpoint (part of the Sandbox API reference). This request, if successful, will attribute and generate settled transactions that will affect the balances of the Synthetic Account provided in the supplied data. To learn more about how Transfers will happen in Production, please refer back to our Transfers guide.

Mocking transactions can be useful for creating a historical record against one of your Sandbox accounts, or staging transactions for future transfers. For examples, mocking incoming revenue prior to disbursing payroll to downstream users.

Enacting Transfers

The Sandbox will accept transfer requests 24/7 to allow for uninterrupted testing. However, production processing for wires is 7am to 6:15pm ET, Monday-Friday.

We recommend you test the following Transfers and then view the Synthetic Account balances and the Transactions, Transaction Events, and Synthetic Line Items created as a result:

  • Incoming Wire / Drawdown Wire Scenario - Ledgered against a general Synthetic Account as a result of a mock transaction. This will simulate an unsolicited wire credit or wire debit initiated by an external financial institution.
  • Outgoing Wire Scenario - From a general Synthetic Account to a Synthetic Account of category wire_external. This requires creating an external Synthetic Account and initiating a Transfer to this account.

What’s Next

For review, please refer to our API docs using the links below.