Guidance on Money Movements

Synthetic Accounts are designed to be simple, one-step movements where one can move funds from any Synthetic Account to any other Synthetic Account. Newline's job is to figure out how to make the synthetic account transfer a reality in the custodial account.

You tell us to move money and where. We look up the rules for your program to decide, based on your inputs, how it should move. Transactions are then created to facilitate that movement.

There is always a transaction created as a result of a transfer. There is never a transfer without a transaction. We can have a transaction without a transfer. All transfers are intents to move money. Transactions are recordings of that movement. Transactions include transfers but also include ATM withdrawals and debit card swipes which are not transfers. Transfers do not have types—only a source and destination.

Important Notes:

  • Transfers are always USD
  • Transactions can originate in other channels
  • There are 2 layers of accounting—the custodial and the synthetic layer. Custodial is the real bank equivalent.