Synthetic Accounts

Synthetic Accounts are how Newline represents the assets held by your Customers. These are the accounts that customers view and interact with on your application. All Programs configured in the Newline Sandbox are given access to the same Synthetic Account Types and Categories.

Customer NameCustomer TypeSynthetic Account NameSynthetic Account Balance
Business #1CommercialTest #1$100,000.00
Business #1CommercialTest #2$200,000.00
Business #1CommercialTest #3$0.00
Business #2CommercialTest #4$300,000.00
Business #2CommercialTest #5$400,000.00
Business #2CommercialTest #6$500,000.00

The above table shows the default Synthetic Accounts and associated Customers created for any new Sandbox user. If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about new Synthetic Accounts / Customer Types, please send a question to your Relationship team.

Customers onboarded into the Checking Account Product are assigned a default Synthetic Account called Primary Synthetic Account.

Synthetic Accounts Configurations

As a note, any of the default Synthetic Accounts will have auto-generated, randomized Account Numbers and preset Routing Numbers. The Synthetic Accounts will represent non-interest bearing Commercial DDAs.

While creating and archiving general Synthetic Accounts in Sandbox is restricted, you are still able to pull relevant details (ex. Synthetic Account Types, or the Synthetic Account object). For more details on those endpoints, please refer to the API specifications for Synthetic Accounts here.